When we look at other people we make up our mind about what we see; we judge people by the way they dress, their body language and how they generally look. What happens if we remove clothes and expressions of a person? How can you tell that a person is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual, and why might this affect your opinion of the person?

I did a conceptual portrait series with different people representing the LGBT community. Together with the portraits each one have presented their own story about themself.

This is an ongoing project I have called “L.G.B.T. Breaking down the stereotypes”. I have chosen to save their story until later.

I want to thank Marcus Bleasdale for great help and advices during this workshop.

Oslo! I did this as an school assignment last year

Through documenting and following my grandfather for several days I wanted to show an insight of his relationship to his home and his surroundings. I also wanted to show northern culture and the beautiful nature at the coast.


Grandfather in Komagfjord

I have made a photo story of my grandfather, Amund, who lives in a small coastal village called Komagfjord. He’s been living in Komagfjord the last 50 years, and now at the age of 80 he’s been forced to move to the closest city, Alta. - Not only because of his age and the need for healthcare, but also to get closer to his family and friends. I chose him because I think he is a really lively, funny guy that has a lot of history. I thought it would be interesting to make a photo story about him.

Komagfjord is a village in Alta in Finnmark, Norway. The village is located along the Altafjorden on a fairly isolated peninsula. There are no road connections, so you have to take the ferry. Over the past 20-­‐30 years depopulation has been an issue, since all the locals are moving to bigger cities with better facilities and jobs. Today there are only around 20 residents living permanently in Komagfjord. 


I did this as part of a documentary workshop with the amazing natgeo photographer Marcus Bleasdale!